A Message to Our Members

Dear VRGA and VSFA members,

How are you doing? We wanted to take a moment to remind you that we're here for you. We see the incredible work you're doing everyday as you try to navigate this new and very uncertain reality. We've received numerous calls asking how to keep your employees safe, what you can do to protect your customers, how to keep your communities going...all while trying to figure out how to keep your own business afloat.

We see your concerns, we're sharing your struggles, and we're here to help ease the load. The VRGA and VSFA team is taking an unprecedented number of phone calls each day, sorting through emails as quickly as we can, jumping on more conference calls and video conferences we can count! And doing our best to compile as much information as succinctly as possible. We want to keep hearing from you; what are you worried about today, how can we help you right now, in two weeks, and three months?

This pandemic isn't going away soon, so we're working hard to anticipate how we can help. That's why we're working with new partners every single day to be sure to bring you the most information possible. A perfect example is the webinar we're hosting TODAY with Venture7, to help provide you analytical tools to help make decisions during tough times like these. Or our new members-only discount shipping program. Because you've had to adapt quickly, and we know we will get out of this and you'll need to be prepared for what's next when we're all finally on the other side of this pandemic.

We're in constant contact with the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, the Governor's Office, and fellow retail and grocery associations around the country to make sure we can bring you the most pertinent information, the most valuable guidance, and continue to provide the best representation possible.

Each of you have inspired us. Thank you for your scrappiness and desire to keep going. Thank you for showing your communities that no matter what comes your way you're doing everything you can to take care of your employees, your business, and the communities that lean on you in uncertain times like these. If you need someone to lean on, we're here for you.

Be well,
Erin, Brady, Alex, and Taryn
The VRGA and VSFA Team