Farrell Distributing Supports Clean Cause

Farrell Distributing Partners with Clean Cause to Support Sober Living

We were proud to have the opportunity to represent CLEAN Cause here in Vermont when they launched in 2019. Yerba Mate is a growing category, and to partner with this organization who not only offers the best the best tasting, organic, low-calorie option, but their commitment to giving back was something that really aligned with us. Through the partnership with our brand partner CLEAN Cause, we have awarded 44 sober living scholarships here in Vermont for those struggling to stay clean through 2020. These equate to $22,000 of scholarships. We see a handful of brands do amazing things for organizations here in Vermont, this is a great example of one of our partners ensuring 50% of the profits locally, go back to direct relief support throughout the Green Mountain State. – Ryan Chaffin

"Our mission is to support individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction by creating a sustainable source of funding for recovery efforts. Our commitment is to give 50% of profits to fund our giveback initiative coined “CLEAN Kickstarts”. These sober living scholarships afford individuals coming out of rehab, homelessness, or incarceration, the opportunity to focus on establishing a recovery routine and finding employment." – Clean Cause

Give Farrell a shout to learn more about stocking Clean Cause products: ryan.chaffin@fdcvt.com