Member Spotlight: NEK Crafter's Emporium

Member Spotlight: NEK Crafter's Emporium

NEK Crafter's Emporium

Homemade items from over 70 artisans throughout this beautiful state of Vermont!  By purchasing an item from this storefront you are supporting a hardworking individual who puts all of their love into their work. They look forward to sharing this with you.

A note from the owner:

For years I have been a crafter/creator. I’ve been a part of many a craft fair. My husband is a native of the NEK, I’m a transplant from CT. We moved up in 2015 for his health (he is a Combat Veteran). During our first few years in Vermont, I was focused on his health and getting him to some sort of “normalcy”. Thankfully, I was still able to craft in my down time then (my release). Eventually I was able to start joining craft fairs again. The group of people I met during these shows became quick friends, especially after seeing them from show to show.

I started hosting them at the VFW Post 798 here in Newport. Speaking with patrons, and the vendors, they wished they could get access to their favorite products throughout the year. (craft season is short up here due to all the snow and recently due to COVID-19 they’ve been canceling left & right). I’ve always wanted to open up a shop featuring only handmade crafters and artisans. The NEK provided that opportunity and has been welcoming in the venture.

The shop has been open just over 1.5 years and has been blossoming every day. The most rewarding part of the shop are the vendors AND the customers. Being able to see all of this beauty every day is smile producing. Having new pieces arrive is like Christmas. Watching pieces going to their forever home or, knowing they’re being gifted is uplifting.

-Christine St. Onge

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