Our Mission

VRGA creates a unified voice for its engaged membership to influence legislation through lawmaker and public education. Our benefits are fundamental to our members’ economic success and to their positive community impact.

Our Vision

VRGA is the leading voice representing Vermont’s retail industry. Our membership is inclusive of a variety of business types and models, collaborative and extremely diverse. Members, policy makers, community leaders and valued stakeholders recognize the association’s critical role in shaping legislation, improving our communities, and contributing to each member’s success and the state’s economic vitality.


Our Core Values

We seek diverse and varied experiences and backgrounds to help influence our work.

We support everyone who comes through our doors every day.

To be collaborative with businesses, legislators, and the communities we serve.

We are active, sharing and educating ourselves with new information. We work to stay in front of new ideas and to engage with our membership.

We work to maintain longevity in our work and our growth.

Partner Associations