Become A Member

To become a member of the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association you first need to decide which type of member you and your business are. Then simply click on the “Download Application Form” to download, print and complete your form. This can be sent to us via mail, email or fax. You can pay over the phone by calling 802.839.1928, mail a check and your form to us or we can invoice you once we receive your application.

Types of Membership

Retail Members

Companies that primarily sell products to consumers – specialty retailers, department stores or restaurants.

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Food Retail Members

Persons, firms or corporations with established places of business, engaged in retail selling of foods and such other commodities as are usually sold in retail food stores.

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Associate Members

Companies that provide solutions to retailers and/or sell business-to-business – including equipment manufacturers, breweries, distilleries, vintners, software developers, consultants, wholesalers, financial institutions, media agencies and internet service providers.

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