July Flooding Resources

First steps you should consider after a disaster:

  1. Assess your staffing situation -- is your staff okay? Who can you get to come in to help?
  2. Assess the damage to the building and your inventory
  3. Contact your insurance agent to learn what's covered and what you may need to do to receive any support
  4. Update your customers -- use your website and social media. Let them know what type of help you need. They will come if you ask
  5. Identify your financial position -- What are your daily operating expenses? Do you need to make adjustments?
  6. Consider whether you need to postpone/ cancel any incoming orders

As you continue to assess the damage and begin to dig out of this disaster, please know that VRGA is here to serve as a resource. We have gathered information from partners, government organizations, and others to provide you as much information as possible. Including links to FEMA, Mutual Aid, and crow-sourced resources, plus water remediation companies.

As always, VRGA is available for additional guidance. Call the office at 802-839-1928 or email us at info@vtrga.org.

For a complete forecast, visit the National Weather Service forecast site: