2024 Legislative Wrap Up

VRGA has compiled a list of bills relevant to the membership, their status, and the changes they create below. Bills are organized by category in the dropdown menu below. If you have questions regarding any of these bills, or other issues not reported on, please contact Erin at erin@vtrga.org.

The 2024 Vermont legislative session officially adjourned just before 6pm on Monday, June 17, 2024. Both the House and Senate returned for the pre-scheduled veto session to attempt to override seven vetos from the Governor. The supermajority was successful in their overrides for six of the seven bills. While VRGA did not win everything, VRGA worked hard to represent the interests of retailers and grocers in the Legislature. It was a tough session, but we were able to beat back new taxes that would have been piled on top of that more than 14% increase in property taxes next year.

This session, we stopped the Legislature from raising more than $30 million from tax payers as retailers and grocers as the tax collector, including:

Aside from taxes, VRGA: