Vermont Peanut Brittle

Vermont Peanut Brittle is a relatively new business, but we have been making peanut brittle for many years and giving it away as Christmas gifts.Our family and friends seemed to look forward to our annual treat and it always disappeared quickly.Now we are making and selling our peanut and cashew brittles, and our family and friends still receive their's at Christmas. If you visit our booth at a farmer's market or festival, we'll give you a free sample. See our website or Facebook page to see where we will be next.

We produce handcrafted peanut and other brittles using quality ingredients. Our main product is Peanut Brittle, but we also produce Cashew Brittle, Flavored Peanut Brittle and our "No Teeth Required" Peanut Brittle. This brittle with the silly name is made with chopped peanuts for people who are concerned about biting whole peanuts. Our Peanut Brittle flavors include Beer Brittle, Coffee Brittle and Spicy Brittle. We have also been experimenting with Bacon Brittle and Candy Cane Brittle for the Holiday Season.

Name Edward & Lealani Arnold
Phone 802-748-3537
Address Vermont Peanut Brittle
PO Box 67
Lyndon, VT 05849