Castleton Crackers


Castleton Crackers are available in six BEAUTIFULLY RUSTIC flavors:

Whitney is fascinated by the origins of many of the foods we eat today which led her to look "outside the box". In the early 1800's, Josiah Bent from Massachusetts decided to make a lighter and thinner version of Hardtack, a long lasting seafarers' and soldiers' staple. He rolled out sheets of dough, baked them and hand "cracked" them. Whitney has been rolling out crackers this original way in her Castleton, Vermont kitchen for family and friends for years. As Vermont has become one of the largest producers of artisan cheese in the country, it seemed natural to Whitney to market her artisan crackers to complement these outstanding cheeses. Castleton Crackers are named after the beautiful and quaint villages and counties throughout Vermont. Castleton Crackers contain all natural ingredients of the highest quality, no trans fats, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Name Whitney Lamy
Phone 802-468-3013
Address Castleton Crackers
PO Box 405 445 Main Street
Castleton, VT 05735-0405