In the pursuit of enhancing our lives, technology has over-optimized them, leading us to devalue the meaningful real-life interactions humans require to survive. Myti, a social impact startup, is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape by building a new digital downtown. Seamlessly integrating the convenience of online shopping with the values of local communities, Myti is not just a platform; it's a movement towards a thriving future.

Myti harnesses the power of local pride and stewardship to drive meaningful investments in the places people love. Through a new e-commerce marketplace that connects online shoppers with nearby independent retailers, the company provides a trusted mechanism for people to discover and appreciate the benefits of shopping local. This self-accelerating model ignites economic and social prosperity – for example, every $1 spent on Myti adds at least $3 to the local economy, and 100% of our partner retailers are independently owned and operated.

Name Shannon Oborne
Phone 518-275-8149
Address Myti
147 South Cove Rd
Burlington, VT 05401