Paprika Catering Company

Paprika Catering Company - Handmade Empanadas from Argentina.

The empanadas we make are based on one of the most popular foods in Argentina combined with the delicious local produce of Vermont. They are handmade and made with pure love. We want to share the culture around eating empanadas. It's something you share with family & friends at any time of the day! It's a celebration food and also a week day food, where you are tired and don't want to cook but eat something that feels good for your body. It's comforting and for all ages. It's easy to eat, very flavorful, dynamic, healthy, practical, inclusive, balanced, nutritional, a wonderful experience that brings warmth to your soul. You can mix and match your flavors. We have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options and 3 different kinds of sauces that pair excellently with the different flavors. We are strongly passionate about this food and want to share this with everyone that wants too. Attached you'll find the menu!

Holiday Menu 2021
Available from November 20th - January 2nd. Produced per order. Orders should be made 5 days before the delivery date. They can be picked up at Stowe Street Café on Wednesdays or delivered (cooked - final product).

12 for $50 / 24 dozen for $100 / 36 dozen for $150 / 48 for $200


Sauces for empanadas:

Spanish Tortilla:

We will still have our pop up menu every Wednesday available as well!

Name Jacqueline de Achaval
Phone (970) 989-3434