Stewart Maple

Stewart Maple is a family owned and operated business in rural Vermont producing certified organic maple syrup and specialty small batch maple products. As young boys, Elliott and Tanner Stewart worked at the neighbor's sugarhouse collecting sap buckets during the spring season and fell in love with the maple business.

In 2010, when the boys were both in high school, they convinced their dad, Mark Stewart, to start up their own maple syrup business with the 75 acres in their backyard. The business has since grown to 1200 acres of maple trees.

The entire family is involved: Mom, Gina, makes all of the specialty products from her own recipes, Elliott and Tanner (now in their early 20s) manage the sugarbush and are working to continue to grow their business, and Mark now works full time beside his sons aiding them in the expansion. Stewart Maple encompasses the small town, mom and pop, locally made products that we love, but also the dream and future of two young entrepreneurs working hard to grow a business that can continue to support their family for generations.

Name Alyssa Stewart
Address Stewart Maple
5444 VT Rt 103
Cuttingsville, Vermont 05738