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Buxton's Store is an Orwell Icon, and owner Andy Buxton is the second generation of Buxton to open the doors. Find out everything you need to know about Buxton's in this member highlight!
Stewart Ledbetter hosts this forum presented by The Vermont Retail and Grocers Association, Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce, and Vermont Chamber of Commerce. Chittenden County State's Attorney Candidates Ted Kenney and Sara George face off prior to the August 9th Democratic Primary. There is no Republican seeking the position.
McDonald’s/Vermont has a proud history- going back decades to our first restaurant in the Green Mountain State to where we are today: 26 restaurants from Brattleboro to South Burlington and nearly 2,000 employees statewide from crew person to IT Manager to Regional Supervisor and beyond. Our employees are diverse across the spectrum- age, race, background, etc.- with each and person playing an important role in our success.
Vermont is the only state in the nation to ban all food scraps from landfills, (some states require partial bans). Since the law went into effect in 2020, 46 haulers have stepped up to the plate to help Vermont businesses manage their food scraps. Agri-Cycle works with hundreds of partners throughout the Northeast, making it the premier organics hauling company in the region. Our unique model is a fusion of Maine’s independent farming tradition and energy innovation. Waste collection is a critical component: Agri-Cycle brings food full circle.
Some people say that if you want to truly experience Vermont, you’ve got to head up northeast. While we love every corner of the state, we’ll admit that there are some jaw dropping vistas in the NEK. Beyond the scenery, there’s also a fantastic third generation family store that we can’t get enough of. Smith’s Grocery is located in the town of Greensboro Bend, just a short skip off of Vermont 16.
Vermont is a magical place with a wide range of biomes and natural wonders. If you’re looking to experience a nice slice of the state, seeing everything from the lakes to the rivers and the peaks of the highest mountains, a trip west to east will take you through almost every environment Vermont has to offer. Below we offer a perfect road trip across the lake, over rivers and streams, into the mountains and beyond. You’ll stop at some fabulous local stores, explore haunted mansions, sweeping vistas and views to die for.
Barnard General Store has stood the test of time, in more ways than one. Located on the idyllic Silver Lake in Barnard, the store has stood as one intact structure since its founding in 1832!
Dan & Whits is one of those quintessentially Vermont businesses that have stood the test of time: taking on various shapes and forms, running through many hands and yet never losing the core rugged individualism that us Vermonters hold so dear. Find out all about them in our Independent Country Store Month highlight!
Vermont is known the world over for the majesty of its natural spaces. As the temperature creeps down and the mornings become crisper, the leaves start to change and present a stunning rainbow of colors across the state. As you're exploring, there are some secret and not so secret areas we'd recommend,…
Like many country stores in Vermont, Dan & Whit’s is a community hub. Operating in Norwich for more than 150 years, Dan & Whit’s is where neighbors pick up necessities – Dan & Whit’s classic motto is “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.” It’s a place to go to see a familiar face or catch up on the…